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1 of 1 Modified Arcade1Up's


45.8” H 57.8" With Riser) x 23” D x 19” W

Product Features:


- Generation 4 Cabinets


- Custom designed and built to a specific game or theme


- Custom Artwork or pre-made options available

- Upgraded buttons and joystick to match the theme


- Upgraded internals

Options include RetroPie 3-4, Xbox One, PS4, Or Switch

*Restrictions may apply

- Replay all your favorite retro games all in one. The ultimate nostalgia gaming experience.



Optional Features:

- Colored LED's or Blacklight LED's (YES BLACKLIGHT!)

- Matching Themed Riser

- Custom Button Layout to match specific game 

- Lightup Marquee 

- Upgraded Game List

Please visit us on Instagram for gameplay videos, live updates, and customer reviews! 


The theme of your MA1U is very important! Choosing your theme allows you to customize and decide the artwork on the graphics, your button colors, and matching trim. The artwork for your designed theme is applied to the side panels, marquee, bezel, control board, and riser. You can see just a few of our already designed themes below.


Want to recreate your favorite arcade cabinet? What about your favorite console game? Maybe you want to match the theming of your favorite sports team, movie, TV show, or nostalgic brand? If you can dream it, we can make it.  All our designs are made custom and are 1 of 1. *Available for Pro Models only. *Mockups are sent after purchase


But don’t worry if you can’t think of a theme! We have already come up with 1 of 1 concepts that are for sale. If you don’t see it in the featured section below, please check the drop-down menu on the order form. There are more themes listed that have not been designed yet but are for sale. More examples can also be found on our instagram page.


When you are ready to start your order, make sure to choose your theme from the drop-down “Theme” menu on the order form at the bottom of the page. 


Options & Pricing

Base - $1,450  

Includes games matching theme (ONLY) , 1-2 player controls with LED buttons (non-light up optional), Riser not included.


Premium - $1,550

Includes games matching theme + 2.5k games, custom 1-2 player control board with LED buttons (non-light up optional), Riser, and pre-made theme+ matching riser artwork. 


Pro - $1,750 

Upgraded generation cabinet, all games matching theme +  2.5k games with PS1 upgrade, 

custom or pre-made artwork, 1-2 player custom control board and layout with LED buttons (non-light up optional), light-up marquee, and matching riser.


Optional upgrades:


Game list upgrade for Base model + $40


PS1 upgrade for Premium + $60


Riser for Base + $150

Backlit LED's - $50

Light-up Marquee for Base or Premium + $75


Please select your model option and upgrades from the drop down on the order form at the bottom of the page. 

Financing available! 


Please contact us if you are interested in this option

Shipping & Disclaimers


Customers are in-charge of setting up their own shipping via . This is the cheapest and safest option for freight shipping. We recommend getting a free estimate before you start your purchase. Average shipping costs range from $150 - $450. We pack up your cabinet securely before it is picked up by the shipper. 

To get a free estimate CLICK HERE!

Information needed for estimate:


Title: Modified Arcade1up

Sizing:  45.8” H ( 57.8" With Riser) x 23” D x 19” W

Weight:  75 lbs (93 lbs with Riser) 

Pickup:  Fairfield, CT 06825

*Full address will given after purchase when setting up shipping

*Leave all other options as NO


*Free pickup available in Fairfield, CT. 


Due to Covid-19, orders may take longer than expected due to delays by our suppliers.

*Orders are built in order that they are received. MA1U's are built and designed by one person and are not manufactured in a factory, like our other products. Build times can vary from order to order. The average time from start to finish is 3 weeks - 6 weeks. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated when ordering a large and expensive product. Customer service is our highest priority. We make sure to keep our customers updated step of the way from purchase to delivery. If you have any questions before or after your purchase, PLEASE ask. We are happy to help!


This product is no longer for sale as of 2022.

Support and part replacement is still available for previous customers and raffle winners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at OR message us on our

social accounts.

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